Melissa Myozen Blacker

Melissa Myozen Blacker

Melissa Myozen Blacker, Roshi is the Abbot of Boundless Way Zen. She is co-editor of The Book of Mu: Essential Writings on Zen’s Most Important Koan. She will be teaching at the annual Lion’s Roar retreat, “Facing Life’s Challenges” from October 19-21, 2018.

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Todo es naturaleza de Buda

Pecado original versus bondad original: el budismo Mahayana ofrece una visión más esperanzadora de la naturaleza humana. La maestra zen Melissa Myozen Blacker revela cómo la práctica no dual nos libera de nuestros oscurecimientos temporales y revela nuestra verdadera naturaleza despierta.

Who Am I?

Melissa Myozen Blacker teaches the Koan practice of asking again and again, "Who am I?" Every time an answer arises, set it aside. Eventually, answers stop coming, replaced by a feeling of profound wonder.

Everything Is Buddhanature

Original sin vs. original goodness: Mahayana Buddhism offers a more hopeful view of human nature. Zen teacher Melissa Myozen Blacker reveals how nondual practice frees us from our temporary obscurations and reveals our true, awakened nature.

A Woman of Zen

Melissa Myozen Blacker recounts how she, as a practitioner and a teacher, has navigated a male-dominated tradition.

Zen Koan Shambhala Sun Buddhism

Koans: One with the Question

The enlightenment stories of the ancient masters are confounding to conventional mind. Their truth, says Melissa Myozen Blacker, is revealed only when our whole being becomes the koan.

Inside Out, Melissa Myozen Blacker, Emotion, Lion's Roar, Buddhism, Children, Shambhala Sun

How to watch “Inside Out” and start talking about emotions with your kids

Inside Out will delight children and help them appreciate their emotions. Melissa Myozen Blacker offers tips for watching it together.

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The Joyful Leap – Embrace Change

Embrace Change: leading Buddhist teachers and writers offer stories, teachings, and meditations to help us embrace the change in our lives.