Rick Bass

Rick Bass lives with his family in Yaak and Missoula, Montana, where he has long been active in efforts to protect the last roadless lands in one of the wildest landscapes in the northern Rockies. His latest novel is 2009’s Nashville Chrome, which looks at the music business and the destructiveness of fame; 2012 saw the release of three nonfiction works by Bass: The Black Rhinos of Namibia, A Thousand Deer, and In My Home There Is No More Sorrow.

Recent Articles

The Life-Changing Words of Mary Oliver

Rick Bass looks at the late Mary Oliver’s poem “The Summer Day,” which asks, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

The Best Place

Rick Bass showed Scott the best places, the secret places, of Montana’s remote Yaak Valley. Together, they fought to protect the wilderness.

The Turtle

Where do spirituality and environmentalism meet? Rick Bass on the wonder of releasing a painted turtle on the safe side of the road.

Daughter Time

The time of childhood is going to go fast. I'm doing what I can to slow it down. There's still time for me to learn some of what they see and know and feel.