Santiago Santai Jiménez

Santiago Santai Jiménez

Santiago Santai Jiménez is a Colombian Zen monk and co-founder of the Centro Integral Colombia. Santiago is also a multi-instrumentalist musician, music producer, and industrial engineer. Santiago’s approach to dharma integrates the gradual and sudden approaches to awakening, combining the systematic development of the mind found in some Buddhist traditions, with the immediate realization that is characteristic of some forms of Zen. He has worked in different countries with individuals and groups ranging from indigenous tribes to multinational executives, sometimes in the same setting.

Recent Articles

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Santiago Santai Jiménez reflexiona sobre cómo al aceptar la impermanencia nos abrimos a una percepción directa de la realidad, nos ayuda a experimentar la riqueza en la vida diaria.

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Santiago Santai Jiménez reflects on how embracing groundlessness and impermanence can help us experience richness in daily life.