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How to Find Balance Through Equanimity

Equanimity protects us from emotional overreaction and allows us to rest in a bigger perspective. Christiane Wolf on how to cultivate it.

How to Multiply Joy in Your Life

Christiane Wolf on how to practice sympathetic joy, or mudita — delight in the happiness of others.


Gretel Ehrlich: Struck by Nature

“Cover yourself with the living world. It becomes part of your love life.” Gretel Ehrlich writes about nature with passion and awareness, but twice her love affair with nature turned deadly. Stephen Foehr talks to the author of A Match to the Heart.

Natalie Goldberg Puts It All Into Words

Writing is where I give everything. I know that when I'm doing sitting meditation, I hold back. Writing is where I put my ass on the line.

Joan Halifax and Her Robe of Many Tears

Joan Halifax reflects on her life of science, stories and spiritual search, and her work now with the great teacher, death.

Death Rebirth Patti Smith Shambhala Sun

Death and the Rebirth of Patti Smith

A series of deaths-her husband, brother and closest friend–has softened the heart of the once angry poet and singer.