Taitetsu Unno

Taitetsu Unno

Taitetsu Unno (1929-2014) was a scholar and teacher in the Shin Buddhist tradition, as well as the Jill Ker Conway Professor Emeritus of Religion at Smith College. One of the leading authorities in the United States on Shin Buddhism, his work as a translator has made many important Buddhist texts available to the English-speaking world.

Recent Articles

Key Terms of Shin Buddhism

From the archives of Buddhadharma, the late scholar and translator Taitetsu Unno defines several key terms of Shin Buddhism.

What is Jodo Shinshu?

The path is easy, it is said of Shin Buddhism, "but few are those who take it." The late Taitetsu Unno explores the history of Jodo Shinshu and its core practice of reciting the Name of Amida Buddha.