Todd Stein

Todd Stein is a freelance writer and former Sacramento Bee reporter who lives at the San Francisco Zen Center.

Recent Articles

You’re Going to Carry That Weight

Does enlightenment make you a good person? Seth Zuihō Segall ponders the balancing act of enlightenment and admirability in Zen Buddhism. 

Painting of meditation cushions scattered on floor.

Embracing Conflict in Sangha

More and more American sanghas are turning to new and creative approaches to address interpersonal conflicts in their communities.

Lion's Roar

Smells like Teen Spirit

Todd Stein on how Buddhist communities are tailoring programs specifically for teens and young adults, making a big difference in some young lives.

Zen Sells: How Advertising has Co-opted Spirituality

From computers to beauty products, Madison Avenue has discovered that spirituality sells. Todd Stein on the irony of spiritual themes in materialism.