Khyentse Vision Project & the Future of Buddhist Translation

Khyentse Vision Project executive director Dolma Gunther talks about how the Project contributes to the world of dharma translation, the launch of its new reading room, and the importance of translating Khyentse Wangpo's works for modern practitioners.

Always a Student

Three dharma teachers on what they continue to learn from their current teachers.

Severing the Roots of Our Discontent – The Buddhist Way

B. Alan Wallace on how the kleshas or “mental afflictors” keep us from realizing the true nature of our mind, and how we can begin to get to the root of our discontent by recognizing the kleshas for what they are.

Ever Present

Five dharma teachers recall formative teachers of their own who have passed away, but in their ways, remain.

Watch – New Videos on Reckoning With Abuse in Buddhist Communities

Confronting systemic abuse within spiritual communities is important for individual and community alike. That's why Damcho Diana Finnegan, co-founder of the Dharmadatta Community, has launched a series of interviews that aim to help us face and understand abuse and how to promote community accountability and justice for survivors.

Further Reading: Buddhadharma Winter 2023

Explore a collection of deep reads on the subject of the teacher and the student.

Buddhadharma on Books: Winter 2023

Constance Kassor reviews “Notebooks of a Wandering Monk” by Matthieu Ricard, “Illumination” by Rebecca Li, “The Buddhist Tantras” by David B. Gray, and more.

Ask the Teachers: How Should I Approach Chanting?

Chris Jay, Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, and Ayya Medhānandī take a closer look at chanting in Buddhist practice.

Swayambhunath Stupa

The Means to Awakening

Samuel Grimes on Newar Buddhism and its guru–student dynamic.

Samaya as Symbiotic Relationship

Damchö Diana Finnegan on the guru–disciple bond in Vajrayana Buddhism, and how to navigate it in healthful, beneficial ways.