Free “Dalai Lama Global Vision Summit” begins June 13

Our fourth annual Dalai Lama Global Vision Summit in partnership with Tibet House US focuses on learning to reconnect to our fundamental humanity, experience true happiness, and contribute to a more peaceful world.

Lion’s Roar
29 May 2024

We are pleased to announce the Fourth Annual Dalai Lama Global Vision Summit, in partnership with Tibet House US, taking place June 13–17.

This year’s summit is all about discovering how to reconnect to our fundamental humanity, experience true happiness, and contribute to a more peaceful world.

Drawing on the Dalai Lama’s universal and timeless wisdom, 16 distinguished presenters— including expert meditation teachers, psychologists, physicians, scholars, and thought leaders—will share teachings, tools, and practical guidance for a more joyful, loving life, and a better future.

You’ll learn from Robert Waldinger, MD, Sharon Salzberg, Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche, Thomas Hübl, PhD, Professor Robert Thurman, Valerie Brown JD, MA, PCC, Venerable Thubten Chodron, Venerable Sangye Khandro, Dr. Pilar Jennings, Chandra Easton, Sará King, PhD, The Venerable Priyadarshi, Jan Willis, PhD, Lobsang Tenpa, Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, and Dr. Craig Blinderman.

Each day of the summit covers a theme central to the Dalai Lama’s profound teachings and example:

On Day 1: Finding True Happiness, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of ways to bring happiness and joy to the surface in your life.

On Day 2: Meditations for the Heart and Mind, you’ll learn how meditation helps you cultivate compassion and loving-kindness, and heal wounds that cause suffering.

On Day 3: Peace in Ourselves, Peace in the World, you’ll explore what it means to be interconnected as one human family, and how to foster collective healing for peace in the world.

On Day 4: Living in Love and Compassion, you’ll explore the true power of love and compassion, and how it can be a guiding force in your life.

On Day 5: Health & Well-Being: Ancient Wisdom for the Body and Mind, you’ll learn how to heal, revitalize, and nurture your health and well-being.

Experience a wealth of wisdom, practical guidance, and helpful tools from 16 expert presenters on June 13 -17 for free when you sign up today.

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