The Oldest Boy premieres at Lincoln Center Theater

The Oldest Boy, a play about a family whose son is identified as the reincarnation of a high Buddhist lama, premiered at Lincoln Center Theater last week

Lion’s Roar
13 November 2014
The Oldest Boy reincarnation play New York Lion's Roar Sarah Ruhl

Just premiered at Lincoln Center, The Oldest Boy is the story of an American family caught between cultures when their three-year-old son is identified as the reincarnation of a high Buddhist lama. It is written by playwright and MacArthur fellow Sarah Ruhl. 

In reviews so far, the play has received high acclaim from The Hollywood Reporter‘s David Rooney, who called it “an extraordinary story,” while New York Times reviewer Charles Isherwood praised the “naturalistic style that is from the regular — which is to say refreshingly irregular — form of Ms. Ruhl.” Isherwood also wrote that the play is “a neat primer in the history and principles of Tibetan Buddhism.”

For more on the play, visit the Lincoln Center Theater website, and watch the trailer below:

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