One Mind documentary to explore Chan Buddhist life in southern China

Filmmaker Edward Burger has announced a new project to look into the contemporary life of one of China’s most ancient Chan monasteries.

Lion’s Roar
1 January 2014

Documentary filmmaker Edward Burger (Amongst White Clouds) has announced a new project to take viewers into the contemporary life of one of China’s most ancient and austere Chan (Zen) monasteries.

One Mind is set in Zhenru Monastery, where the great master Empty Cloud spent much of his time before passing away at age 120 in 1959. “In One Mind,” says the promotional material, “myths will be dismissed, as audiences can see that robust spiritual communities committed to strict adherence to tradition are thriving, whilst remaining somewhat hidden, at the core of China’s spiritual landscape.”

Burger is currently crowdsourcing funds at Indiegogo through January 15 to complete the film. Contributors of $75 or more will receive a digital copy of the film once it’s released. Visit the site for full details, and see the trailer here:

Lion's Roar

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