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The Life-Changing Practice of Death Awareness

Chris Pacheco, Lion’s Roar’s Associate AV Editor, on why you might take up the Buddhist practice of maranasati, or mindfulness of death — even if you really, really don’t want to.

How I Stopped My Panic Attacks

Stricken with anxiety as a child, Buddhist teacher Mingyur Rinpoche learned how to heal his panic with awareness. He teaches us three techniques that helped him.

Bringing Death Into Clear Light

Lama Karma Wall, Buddhist teacher and lead designer and facilitator of aNUma — a virtual reality experience joining Buddhist principles and technology — talks about how VR can help us relate to the unknown by bringing death into awareness.

A momunment at Père Lachaise Cemetery reads "Aux Morts," or "to the dead," with stautes of people surrounded by flowers.

Learning From the Dead

Carolyn Campbell shares how studying the famous Père-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France sparked an awareness of death that helped her wake up to life.

Painting of sunrise over sea

Your Enlightened Nature

The essence of mind is empty, luminous awareness. Mingyur Rinpoche on the Tibetan Buddhist practice of Dzogchen.

5 Great Meditation Teachers

Beginning with the Buddha himself,  five extraordinary teachers instruct us in the practice of calming the mind, cultivating awareness, and — ultimately — finding freedom.

The Eightfold Path: Right Action

Actions can be helpful in one situation yet harmful in another. Rebecca Li says awareness is needed to identify right action.