Review: “Unsubscribe”

We review “Unsubscribe: Opt Out of Delusion, Tune In to Truth” by Josh Korda.

Lion’s Roar
26 September 2017


Opt Out of Delusion, Tune In to Truth

By Josh Korda
Wisdom Publications, 2017, 273 pp., $17.95 (paper)

Josh Korda—an addiction survivor and an ex-ad man turned guiding teacher at Dharma Punx NYC—has had many lives. Along the way he’s learned a thing or two about how a person can truly transform their life. In this book, Korda shares his step-by-step guide to recovering from addiction to consumerism and self-deception. “I have come to realize that without authentic priorities, secure relationships, and honest vulnerability, significant spiritual transformation cannot occur,” writes Korda. The book includes chapters on everything from handling anger, addiction, and plain old bad luck, to communicating with a spouse. Throughout, Korda counsels readers to follow the Buddha’s central message, which isn’t just about the end goal of enlightenment. It’s being willing to take the first step that makes transformation possible. So be ready to “opt out,” he says.

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