Andy Karr

Andy Karr

Andy Karr is a Buddhist teacher, author, and photographer who offers profound insights into dharma and mind. Karr trained under Shunryu Suzuki Roshi and Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche before moving to Paris in 1979, where he co-founded the first Shambhala Centre in France. Karr is the author of Into the Mirror and Contemplating Reality and the coauthor of The Practice of Contemplative Photography. He continues to teach meditation, the Mahayana view, and Mahamudra. Learn more at

Recent Articles

The Healing Power of Feeling

“The way to find freedom from difficult emotions is to find it right within the feelings themselves,” writes Andy Karr. Here, he shares a practice for locating and working with difficult feelings in the subtle body to ultimately heal them.

Mind or Brain?

Andy Karr on the nature of consciousness—and what it means for scientists and spiritual seekers.

Read “Two Realities,” an excerpt from Into the Mirror: A Buddhist Journey Through Mind, Matter, and the Nature of Reality

An excerpt of chapter 16 of Andy Karr's new book, "Into the Mirror" — reviewed in the Summer 2023 issue of Buddhadharma.

Contemplative photography illustration of a man holding a camera

How to Practice Contemplative Photography

Contemplative photography is about more than taking pictures, says Andy Karr. It’s about fully connecting with the visual richness of our lives.

The Itch Science Can’t Scratch

Andy Karr reflects on the dichotomy between knowledge, truth, and the insatiable hunger for more in our modern world.

Forum: Do You Believe in Miracles?

Debating the supernatural in Buddhism with Judy Lief, Ari Goldfield, and Glenn Wallis.

Andy Karr, Mahamudra, Vajrayana, BUddhism, Shambhala Sun, Lion's Roar

Mahamudra: Looking Directly at the Knower

The true nature of mind is empty but knowing. It can’t be identified, says Andy Karr. So look for it.

Buddhism and photography: What’s the connection?

When we think of Buddhism and art, we might think of ancient paintings, not modern photography. Andy Karr and Michael Wood discuss their art.

A Way of Seeing

The practice of contemplative photography, say Andy Karr and Michael Wood, doesn’t just change the way we take pictures. It changes our view.

What is Pramana?

Pramana as defined by Andy Karr, a Buddhist teacher in the Vajrayana tradition.

What is Samvrti Satya?

Samvrti Satya as defined by Andy Karr, a Buddhist teacher in the Vajrayana tradition.

Reality Isn’t What You Think

Contemplative practice, says Andy Karr, is a good way to analyze whether things are as solid, separate, and lasting as we think they are.

Forum: How Does Karma Really Work?

Norman Fischer, Robin Kornman, and Ajahn Amaro get to the bottom of this challenging question that baffles so many Westerners.