Hoko Jan Karnegis

Hoko Jan Karnegis was ordained by Shohaku Okumura in 2005. She is the director of his sangha, the Sanshin Zen community.

Recent Articles

The Tathagata’s Ten Wisdom Powers

The "Avatamsaka," or "Flower Garland Sutra," details the path and practices of the bodhisattva, including ten powers that arise from the awakened human mind. Rev. Heng Sure on how teacher and student alike might realize them.

What is Myo?

Myo, as defined by Hoko Jan Karnegis, the director of the Sanshin Zen community.

The Taste of Thusness

Hoko Jan Karnegis explains how nyoho, or the dharma of thusness, guides the menu at a Zen kitchen.