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Josh Korda

Josh Korda has been the teacher at New York Dharma Punx since 2005. He has also taught at New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care and New York Insight Meditation Center.


Recent Articles

Meditation Malice: on working with distractions and resentment

Josh Korda on what his irritating meditation partner taught him about being with aversion and overcoming anger.

Letting Go of What It All Means

Searching for hidden messages and significance in life's encounters provides us with an illusion of control that Josh Korda says we need to release.

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Boredom Is Fascinating!

When we’re bored, we’re uncomfortable with our basic state of being. That’s kind of scary, says Josh Korda. He dares us to look directly into our boredom.

Notice Craving and Aversion

To give yourself a fighting chance against negative patterns, says Josh Korda, you’ve got to get at the driving forces behind them.

6 Pointers for Making a Positive Life Change

Josh Korda shares six pointers on how to cultivate the patience and support to make postive changes in your own life.

You Can’t Get Rid of Your Anger — And That’s OK

Denying anger or giving in to it only makes things worse. The middle way, says Josh Korda, is to live with your difficult emotions skillfully.

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Loving-Kindness Starts with You

Josh Korda on how to free your naturally loving heart and expand your goodwill to include all beings through loving-kindness meditation.

Josh Korda on “The Glorification of Busyness”

One of the most radical, countercultural things we can do is actually just sit there and relax without feeling we're missing out.

Neuroscience and meditation: Take as good care of your brain as you do your body.

Josh Korda asks: why would someone who exercises choose not to meditate? Good question!

Josh Korda teaching

Every Day a Reprieve

Josh Korda knows he is not cured—and he never will be—but through honesty and diligence he enjoys a daily reprieve from depression and addiction.