Margaret Wheatley

Margaret Wheatley

Margaret Wheatley is the author of Leadership and the New Science and co-author of A Simpler Way. She is the president of the Berkana Institute, a non-profit foundation supporting the discovery of new organizational forms.

Recent Articles

Where Are the Stars in This Dark Night?

We believe that growth can be endless, that consumption need have no limits, that meaning is found in things, that aggression brings peace. Margaret Wheatley asks: What happened to our ideals?

Person walking on cold sand dunes.

Finding Hope in Hopelessness

If I have no belief that my vision can become real, asks Margaret Wheatley, where will I find the strength to persevere?

Good news is coming

The Place Beyond Fear and Hope

In difficult times it takes effort to stay grounded in the present, but it is only there that we will find a place unclouded by hope and fear.

Where Business Looks for Answers

As our world grows more chaotic and unpredictable, says Margaret Wheatley, we're asking questions that can only be answered by spiritual traditions.

It’s Time to Listen

Margaret Wheatley discusses how to heal in the months following the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

Don’t Be So Sure

In a changing world, certainty doesn't give us stability; it just creates more chaos. "Now is the time for far less certainty and far more curiousity."

Taking the Time

If we feel we're changing in ways we don't like then we need time to think-about where we are now and how we might start to change things.