Phyllis Coletta

Phyllis Coletta

Phyllis Coletta is a a freelance writer, healthcare administrator, and Zen Buddhist chaplain. Her latest book is Radical Joy: How to Live Like There’s No Tomorrow. Her website is

Recent Articles

Lotus Seats for the Dead

Reverend Michael Tran on a Buddhist practice that can help us find closure when we lose a loved one.

Hurricane Mind

As an ecosystem ecologist, Janine Bloomfield studied the damage a hurricane wreaked on a rainforest. Now, during the pandemic, she examines the storms of her own mind.

Doctor holding stethoscope.

Bouncing Forward from Cancer

When the doctor said "You have cancer," Phyllis Coletta's defenses of anger, fear, and self-reliance fell apart. All she had left was gratitude.

Hospital bed.

Death on the ICU

As a Buddhist chaplain on a Medical ICU, Phyllis Coletta saw the suffering patients and families endured, and knew we all have to do better.

Donald Trump, Lion's Roar, Buddhism, Tea Party, Republican, Conservative, Politics

How to Love Donald Trump — Even If You Don’t Like Him

Zen chaplain Phyllis Coletta ran her husband's Congressional Tea Party campaign. In doing so, she was reminded of the power of loving unconditionally.

Thich Nhat Hahn

Thich Not Here

Phyllis Colletta on the power of sangha after Thich Nhat Hahn fell ill and couldn't attend his own retreat.