Rachel Neumann

Rachel Neumann

Rachel Neumann is a literary agent and the director of strategy at Idea Architects. She’s the author of Not Quite Nirvana: A Skeptic’s Journey to Mindfulness.

Recent Articles

A Tale of Two Crises

Rachel Neumann on what it was like to simultaneously navigate the pandemic and the wildfires that ravaged the West Coast.

The Music in My Heart

For Michael Imperioli, ANOHNI’s voice is a reminder that he’s part of a vast interconnected network of minds and beings. Her voice makes him feel emotions he never knew he had.

Rachel Nuemann at the wedding alter with her husband and a priest.

Committing to Impermanence

It may not be forever, but for right now Rachel Neumann and her partner of 20 years celebrate their love.

Rachel Neumann Eiffel Tower Plum Village Paris France Parenting Travel

Americans in Paris

Though the climb was steep, the view was expansive. Rachel Neumann on being hot, hungry, thirsty, and tired, but still having a perfect day.

Empty boat in water

Empty Graves & Empty Boats

At her grandfather’s grave, Rachel Neumann’s anger erupted, but who was there to yell at in those long-buried remains?

Now the Bad News: Birth, Old Age, Sickness, and Death

A prince was so shocked that he went off to seek enlightenment. Now, birth, old age, sickness, and death is still the impetus for awakening.