Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

is a Soto Zen priest, author, and poet. A dharma heir of the late Zenkei Blanche Hartman in the Shunryu Suzuki Roshi lineage, her practice is also influenced by Native American and African indigenous traditions. Her most recent book is The Shamanic Bones of Zen: Revealing the Ancestral Spirit and Mystical Heart of a Sacred Tradition.

Recent Articles

Ask the Teachers: How Should I Approach Chanting?

Chris Jay, Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, and Ayya Medhānandī take a closer look at chanting in Buddhist practice.

Awakening Fueled by Rage

As a dharma teacher, says Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, she’s told she shouldn’t feel or express rage, but she disagrees.

Making Offerings to Our Ancestors

When we place offerings on the altar for teachers long past, do we understand what we are doing, or why? Zenju Earthlyn Manuel looks into the depths of that encounter between past and present.

Sweeping My Heart

When Zenju Earthlyn Manuel was assigned to clean the Zen temple, she felt generations of oppression rise in her. Conversing with her ancestors about what this work really meant helped her see how it could be healing.

Living My Vow

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel’s deepest vow is to be a person who doesn’t cause suffering and walks in peace. It’s what we all really want.

Darkness Is Asking To Be Loved

If you're still holding up and trying to meditate right now, Zenju Earthlyn Manuel invites you to fall down.

What If Our Delusions Aren’t a Barrier to Enlightenment?

What if our deluded minds aren’t a barrier to enlightenment at all?, asks Zenju Earthlyn Manuel. "What if they are the very path to it?"

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On Awakening Through Race, Sexuality, and Gender

I was hungry when I attended my first Nichiren Buddhist meeting in 1988. I mean that literally.