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What is Rebirth (Reincarnation) in Buddhism?
The Illustrated Sutra of Past and Present Karma (Kako genzai e-inga-kyō; Matsunaga Version), Mary Griggs Burke Collection, Gift of the Mary and Jackson Burke Foundation, 2015

Rebirth, often referred to as “reincarnation” in popular terminology, is a fundamental concept in Buddhism. It is the belief that after death, an individual’s consciousness is reborn into a new form of existence. Because of the core principle of non-ego (or no-self, anatta in Pali; anatman in Sanskrit), it is not a fixed self that continues into a new existence but rather an essential form of consciousness. It is not a real self that is reborn but our deluded belief in self-perpetuating itself.


The process of rebirth is intricately connected with the process of karma (action and its consequences): one’s actions in this and past lives generate karmic consequences that influence future rebirths. Positive actions lead to favorable rebirths, while negative actions lead to less favorable ones.


Samsara is the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth that individuals are trapped in due to their attachment, desire, and ignorance. The ultimate goal of Buddhism is to break free from this cycle by achieving enlightenment and liberation (nirvana), ending the need for further rebirth. When we free ourselves from karma, we free ourselves from rebirth.

Multiple Realms

Buddhist cosmology includes various realms of existence. These include the human realm, the animal realm, the hungry ghost realm, the hell realm, the jealous god realm, and the god realm. Rebirth can occur in any of these realms based on one’s karma.

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