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The Fine Art of Failing

In her commencement speech at Naropa University, Pema Chödrön explains that if there’s one thing we all need to practice, it's how to fail well. When Naropa asked me for the topic of my talk, I [...]


You Already Understand!

Bodhidharma, founder of the Zen lineage, is said to have described Zen this way: “A special transmission [...]

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Where Are You Now?

When Ben Gallagher's partner, Zoë Nudell, was hit and killed by a drunk driver, he was left asking himself the [...]

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Inside the November 2015 Shambhala Sun magazine

Take a look inside the November 2015 Shambhala Sun, with features on LGBTIQ dharma and making friends with yourself.

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Inside the Fall 2015 Buddhadharma magazine

Look inside the Fall 2015 issue of Buddhadharma, with features on monk militarization, tantra, non-self help, and the jhanas.