Tomi Um Shambhala Sun Buddhist Illustration Green Path Earth Lion's Roar Buddhism

Illustrating genuine nature

  Tomi Um’s first assignment as an editorial illustrator was for the Shambhala Sun, in January 2009. The next year, Print magazine and Art Directors Club both named Um as one of the best new [...]

Thich Nhat Hanh Earth Gathas Shambhala Sun Lion's Roar Environment Eco Practice Poems Water Peace Activism

Earth Gathas

Gathas help us to practice mindfulness in our daily lives and to look deeply. Reciting these short verses will [...]

How to do Zazen Zen Meditation Practice Tomi Um Shambhala Sun Meditation Jules Shuzen Harris Soto Instructions

How to Practice Zazen

Jules Shuzen Harris teaches the meditation practice at the heart of Zen Buddhism, from the "How to Practice" [...]

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