Dalai Lama compassion Buddhism Child Shambhala Sun Lion's Roar

Living the Compassionate Life

This teaching by the Dalai Lama explains how the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and compassion lead inevitably to feelings of self-confidence and kindness. As human beings we all have the [...]

How to do Zazen Zen Meditation Practice Tomi Um Shambhala Sun Meditation Jules Shuzen Harris Soto Instructions

How to Practice Zazen

Jules Shuzen Harris teaches the meditation practice at the heart of Zen Buddhism, from the "How to Practice" [...]

photo of the week andy karr contemplative photography miksang seeing fresh leaf metal grate shadow

“What can I say?”

From author and contemplative photographer Andy Karr comes the latest “Seeing Fresh” contemplative photo of [...]

offer your depression grief loss sadness meditation mindfulness practice susan piver buddhism Lion's Roar shambhala reginald ray

Offer Your Depression

Once I was in a meeting with a publisher to discuss a book I was writing (for which he had paid a tidy sum). [...]

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