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How to Practice Zen Koans

John Tarrant demystifies Zen koan practice. Yes, it’s paradoxical, poetic, and totally personal. And so is [...]

Five Precepts Parenting Children Buddhism Lion's Roar Ty Phillips

Dharma for Moms and Dads

Ty Phillips looks at the Five Precepts—the ethical code of dedicated Buddhist practitioners—and finds five [...]

Love & Relationships

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The Bardo of Breaking Up

The notion of bardo—the in-between state—from The Tibetan Book of the Dead is very helpful for anyone dealing with the end of a relationship. I was just [...]

In Our Magazines

Lion's Roar, Cover, Magazine, First

Inside the first issue of Lion's Roar magazine

Take a look inside the March 2016 Lion's Roar, formerly the Shambhala Sun.

Buddhadharma, Buddha, Winter, 2015, Lion's Roar

Inside the Winter 2015 Buddhadharma magazine

In this Buddhadharma, we look at the Buddha's life story, Buddhist-Catholic dialogues at the Vatican, and how Gen X teachers are changing Buddhism.