Buddhadharma - Fall '12 Heart Sutra Karl Brunnhölzl Mahayana

The Heart Sutra Will Change You Forever

Penetrate the true meaning of the Heart Sutra, says Karl Brunnhölzl, and nothing will be the same again. The secret is making it personal. There is no doubt that the Heart Sutra is the most [...]

Illustration by Ray Fenwick.

What is the Eightfold Path?

Having established the reality, cause, and end of suffering, in the final noble truth the Buddha taught his [...]

Statue of Tara the liberator.

Who is Tara, the Liberator?

If you're Buddhist, or have friends who are, you may have heard of practices involving the deity Tara, but who [...]

Buddha statue.

Buddhism’s Big Lies

Karen Maezen Miller breaks down the three most common lies in Buddhist discourse. When you're as easily [...]


Practice in Play

Four sports enthusiasts put their practice into play: Jaimal Yogis surfs, Liz Martin golfs, Laura Munson rides [...]

Illustration by André Slob.

Stuck at the Airport?

What better place to work with your mind? Here is a practice I have been working with for more than a [...]

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The July 2016 issue of Lion's Roar (formerly Shambhala Sun) is now available. This issue looks into how Buddhist practice can help you find wisdom in difficult emotions.


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The Summer 2016 issue of Buddhadharma is now available. This issue explores issues of race, power and white privilege in American Buddhism.