Andrew Olendzki

Andrew Olendzki

Andrew Olendzki, PhD, was trained in Buddhist Studies at Lancaster University in England, as well as at Harvard and the University of Sri Lanka. Olendzki is the former executive director of the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) and the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies (BCBS) in Barre, Massachusetts, and former executive editor of the Insight Journal. He is a professor at Lesley University, and the Director of their Mindfulness Studies program.

Recent Articles

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Loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, equanimity—these four loving qualities are powerful ways to heal our trauma.

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Andrew Olendzki shares all that made the Buddha one of the most radical people who ever lived.

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Scholar Andrew Olendzki on how the Buddha discovered a path to liberation that we can take too.

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You can’t reduce mindfulness to just a single idea. Andrew Olendzki unpacks its many meanings in classical Buddhism.

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The Real Practice of Mindfulness

As mindfulness becomes an increasingly popular concept, it is often mistaken for just “being in the moment.” Andrew Olendzki examines the Abhidharma teachings to uncover what mindfulness practice really is and how it works.

Commentary: Walking the Talk

Andrew Olendski looks at why our wise teachers can, sometimes, behave in what appears like an unwise manner.

What is Papañca?

Papañca as defined by Andrew Olendzki, the editor of Insight Journal.

What is Nibbida?

Nibbida as defined by Andrew Olendzki, a Pali scholar.