Gesshin Greenwood

Gesshin Greenwood

Gesshin Greenwood is the author of Bow First, Ask Questions Later and Just Enough: Vegan Recipes and Stories from Japan’s Buddhist Temples.

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How to Practice Homestyle Oryoki

Oryoki is the meditative way of eating practiced in Zen monasteries. Gesshin Claire Greenwood on how to bring the spirit of oryoki into our home kitchens — and feel more deeply nourished.

Ask the Teachers: How do we determine what is true dharma?

Question: Buddhism was an oral tradition for hundreds of years, and many of the earliest writings were lost centuries ago. If we can’t have 100 percent certainty about what the Buddha actually taught—and it seems that we can’t—how do we determine what is the true dharma? Bhante Sujato: In 2014 I coauthored, with Bhikkhu Brahmali,…

A Hungry Ghost’s Sugar Fix

Gesshin Greenwood on what happens when chocolate, peanut butter, and Buddhism collide.

Forum: How Millennials Are Reframing the Buddhist Path

In this Buddhadharma Forum, five millenial Buddhists take a look at where Buddhism is, and where it’s headed.

Enlightenment Is a Male Fantasy

Gesshin Greenwood offers an alternative to the “male fantasy” of striving for enlightenment. From the Winter 2018 issue of Buddhadharma: The Practitioner's Quarterly

Screenshot from The Good Place.

The Good Place Is a Show About Why We’re Good

According to Zen priest Gesshin Greenwood, NBC's The Good Place shows us people are good because of their bond to each other — even in the afterlife.