Mu Soeng

Mu Soeng is the resident scholar at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies in Barre, Massachusetts.

Recent Articles

A man is depicted leaning his head into a large sculpture of an ear and ear-horn

Discernment Guided by Compassion

Ryuei Michael McCormick on right speech: When should we use forceful words, or gentle ones? Or none at all?

Chanting for Buddhahood

Shodaigyo meditation combines silent sitting with chanting to the beat of a drum. Ryuei Michael McCormick on how to do this calming yet exhilarating practice.

Developing Our Spiritual Capacities

Informed by the teachings of Nichiren Shonin, founder of the Nichiren school of Buddhism, and Sot’aesan, the founder of Won Buddhism, Rev. Ryuei Michael McCormick looks at our capacity for spiritual awakening and how it relates to our maturity.

Looking to the “Three Powers” for Patient Acceptance

Though deep in personal grief, Rev. Ryuei Michael McCormick knows that, through continued dedicated practice, he can nurture seeds of positivity within himself.

Beyond Self & Other

In this exclusive excerpt from his book, The Heart of the Universe, Mu Soeng sheds light on the Buddhist view of the self.

What Are the Three Devadutas?

Devaduta is pali for "divine messengers." It is said that the Buddha embarked on his quest for enlightenment after encountering three devadutas: a sick person, an old man, and a corpse.

How Sad Is Your Love?

The conventional definitions of “love” and “compassion” are quite limited, says Buddhist scholar Mu Soeng.