Ruth Ozeki

Ruth Ozeki

Ruth Ozeki is a Soto Zen priest and an award-winning writer. Her novels include All Over Creation, My Year of Meats, and A Tale for the Time Being. She lives in New York and British Columbia.

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Notas sobre el “Ser–Tiempo” de Dogen

El maestro Shinshu Roberts nos habla sobre el texto titulado Uji, traducido como "Ser–Tiempo", un término el cual abarca muchas de las enseñanzas clave que se encuentran en los escritos de Dogen.

Dogen’s 4 Key Teachings

From being to the nature of time, Dogen explored the big questions. Four experts unpack some of his most influential concepts.

His Dharma Heir

An excerpt from Ruth Ozeki’s new novel, "The Book of Form and Emptiness."

Ruth Ozeki Trauma Transformation Art Writing

Nothing Is Wasted

If you use your difficulties to create art, says Ruth Ozeki, it will give them meaning.

Notes on Dogen’s “Being–Time”

The title of Uji, translated as “Being–Time,” essentially contains the totality of the text. Unpacking the meaning of this hyphenated word opens a vast interconnecting vista of practice. The two characters u-ji are usually translated as arutoki or “for the time being.” Dogen separates the two characters (u meaning being, and ji meaning time) and…

Steadfast in the Midst of Samsara

Shinshu Roberts examines the suffering inherent in the bodhisattva path, what Dogen referred to as being “the blue lotus in the flame.”

Ono No Komachi Old Woman Poetry Poems Ruth Ozeki Japan

About a Poem: Ruth Ozeki on Ono no Komachi

How do we remember a woman’s life? Can we piece her together from a few lines of poetry?

Confessions of a Zen Novelist

When bestselling author Ruth Ozeki becomes a Zen priest, she finds out Zen and novel writing do not easily go hand in hand.

Ruth Ozeki

The Writer’s Way

Ruth Ozeki reviews "Writing as Enlightenment: Buddhist American Literature Into the Twenty-First Century".

Guns Duel Revenge Taha Muhammed Ali Ruth Ozeki Poem

About a Poem: Taha Muhammad Ali’s “Revenge”

At times … I wish / I could meet in a duel / the man who killed my father

The Art of Losing

Ruth L. Ozeki's touching memoir is also a profound meditation on love, stories, and the difference between losing and letting go.

My Year of Meats Ruth Ozeki Shambhala Sun Buddhism

My Year of Meats

Mirroring the journey of her novel’s heroine, Ruth Ozeki explored meat and media and discovered that writing is always political and denial always a choice. What’s in a Name? Last year my first novel was published. It’s called My Year of Meats. It’s a good title, I think. A funny title. A little proud, a…