woman swims in a frozen lake

How Mindfulness Enhances Cold Water Therapy

Roberval Oliveira shares his experience with cold water therapy, highlighting the important role mindfulness has played in unlocking its numerous benefits.

Traffic light with red light in the shape of a heart

Stop, Soothe, Shift: A 3-Step Practice to Do What Helps

Zen teacher Vanessa Zuisei Goddard shares her simple three-step practice to stop, soothe, and shift in the face of suffering.

A man walks a labyrinth made of stones next to the ocean

Ancient and Modern Maps of the Mind

Tara Bennett Goleman looks at the parallels between of Buddhist psychology and modern cognitive science, revealing their shared insights that illuminate a hidden path towards inner freedom.

Tuning In: A Buddhist Subtle Energy Practice for Anxiety

What does your body tell you when you're anxious? C. Pierce Salguero explains how Buddhist practice can help us tune in when strong emotions arise. 

Confessions of a Hungry Ghost

Sensei Alex Kakuyo on finding refuge in the present moment.

Watch: Roshi Joan Halifax’s Two Prayers for Now and Our New Year

Roshi Joan Halifax shares two short prayers to set the intention for the new year.

How to Feed All Beings

Koun Franz contemplates how caring for ourselves is caring for all.

We Are More Powerful Than We Know

Awaiting the results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, Chenxing Han turns to the prose of Japanese poet and Buddhist monk Kamo-no-Chomei, and ponders his same questions, 800 years later.

White People, It’s Time to Look in the Mirror

Ayesha Ali asks white people to examine their life and privilege—without shame but with deep curiosity about why you don’t really know or understand her.