For Love of Nature: Q&A with Jane Goodall

Andrea Miller talks with celebrated environmental and animal activist Jane Goodall, about the compassion that exists in our natural world.

The Capacity to Care About More Than Ourselves

Susan Bauer-Wu explains that in order to find solutions to the climate crisis, we must first prioritize compassion. 

Thich Nhat Hanh’s Love Letter to the Earth

The earth is you. You are the earth. When you realize there is no separation, says the late Thich Nhat Hanh, you fall completely in love with this beautiful planet.

Zen During Wartime: Sergey Washin Tsarenko on Practice in Ukraine

“Life may not be the same,” writes Zen priest Sergey Washin Tsarenko about day-to-day existence in Ukraine, “but it is always worth living it fully.”

Watch: Dr. Vandana Shiva’s Wisdom for Our Environmental Crisis

Physicist, environmental activist, and author, Dr. Vandana Shiva speaks passionately about the wisdom of interdependence and the environmental crisis.

Right Hope

Economist and ecodharma activist Clair Brown calls on Buddhists to join the fight against climate change. What helps when the future looks bleak is the right kind of hope.

Following climate activist’s self-immolation, Buddhist leaders release statement

If we had known about his plans, we would have stopped him in any way possible, the statement reads. "That would be our spiritual, moral and legal responsibility."

Dalai Lama shares message for Earth Day

All of us should be concerned about our collective existence, His Holiness writes in his call to action on battling climate change.

Hurricane Mind

As an ecosystem ecologist, Janine Bloomfield studied the damage a hurricane wreaked on a rainforest. Now, during the pandemic, she examines the storms of her own mind.

The Dharma of Dinosaurs (and Other Cool Stuff)

From paleontology to astrophysics, four scientists talk to Andrea Miller about their search for truth — scientific and spiritual.

Show Up In a Good Way

For Zen priest Ben Connelly, joining with Indigenous communities to oppose the Line 3 pipeline gets to the heart of his practice. But to do that, he can no longer ignore how he has benefited from an unjust society.

One Day, My Child, All This Will Be Yours

Zen teacher John Tarrant on Climate Change, the Australian Fires, and the Magic of the Primeval Forest.

Why We Need the Great Turning

It’s the movement of all those who want to create a life-sustaining society, writes Joanna Macy, and it’s even more important at a time when the future looks so bad.

Kids and the Climate Crisis

Mary Ray Cate offers parents these Buddhist principles to help children with their fears about climate change.

The Dalai Lama on Surviving the Climate Crisis Together

For the sake of future generations, the Dalai Lama tells journalist and activist Franz Alt, we must develop a sense of universal responsibility — for the earth and all humanity.

We Need a Revolution of Compassion

In this powerful statement on the climate crisis, the Dalai Lama calls on us to make this a century of compassion for the planet and all its inhabitants.

How to Be an Ecosattva

How do bodhisattvas respond to the greatest crisis of our time? Appropriately, says Buddhist teacher and activist David Loy.

Waking Up in Dark Times

In order to shed light on the realities of climate change, says Ajahn Sucitto, first we should get more comfortable with the darkness.

Joanna Macy: Guide for Our Time

Stephanie Kaza reflects on this treasured spiritual guide and landmark thinker. With humanity at a crossroads, she offers us the wisdom, courage, and love for life we need.

Here at the End of the World

Grief is how we love in the face of loss, wrote Joan Sutherland in the Fall 2019 issue of Buddhadharma. Now, in this new time of so much loss, her teaching on coming to terms with grief feels especially relevant.