Omega Institute’s Earth Dharma

Jill S. Schneiderman reports on the opening ceremony and ribbon cutting at the Omega Institute's new Center for Sustainable Living.

Mount Wutai as World Heritage Site and what that means

Jesse Hiltz considers the definition of "heritage" after Mount Wutai receives a UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. 

Lin Jensen on the rising temperature of planet earth

Lin Jensen says the rising temperature of the earth is a fever, symptomatic of a pathological infection: the pandemic of human greed.

The Turtle

Where do spirituality and environmentalism meet? Rick Bass on the wonder of releasing a painted turtle on the safe side of the road.

The Ten Hearts of an Earthworm

They have five pairs of tiny beating hearts. But what really makes earthworms precious, says Lin Jensen, is simply that they exist.

Buddhism environment planet Buddhadharma

Can Buddhism Save the Planet?

<p><strong>Buddhism may be our planet’s only real hope, say David Loy and John Stanley. They’re calling for an international gathering of Buddhist leaders to address the ecological crisis before it’s too late.</strong></p> <blockquote>If we continue abusing the earth this way, there is no doubt that our civilization will be destroyed. This turnaround takes enlightenment, awakening. The Buddha attained individual awakening. Now we need a collective enlightenment to stop this course of destruction. Civilization is going to end if we continue to drown in the competition for power, fame, sex, and profit.<br /> <br />— Thich Nhat Hanh, <em>The Art of Power</em></blockquote>

Profile: Birken Forest Monastery

David Kirk profiles the Birken Forest Monastery in British Columbia.

Writers and the War Against Nature

Zen practitioner Gary Snyder traces his lifelong commitment to the environment and calls on all creative people to rise in its defense.

The Ecology of Aging

Many people look at the aging population as a problem, but Theodore Roszak thinks it could result in a wiser and more caring society.

The Future of Ice

Novelist Gretel Ehrlich spent a year travelling the world's coldest places, meditating on the experience of winter and exploring the polar regions.

Learning Where You Are The Experience of Place Based Education

Where are you? Who are you? How does where you are affect who you are? Place based education is interested in examining these questions.

How Do We Measure Progress?

Ronald Colman argues for a more human and sustainable measure of progress than simple economic growth, one that truly reflects what we value in life.

Down to Earth

As we get more connected globally, we’re becoming less connected locally. The global village is certainly global, but it’s no village.