Loving-Kindness Meditation for All Beings & All Bodies

Metta meditation is healing and heart-opening. Arisika Razak leads us through the practice.

The Black Onyx in the Triple Gem

Lion's Roar associate editor Pamela Ayo Yetunde introduces the May 2024 “Black & Buddhist” issue.

10 Ways to Find True Happiness

Introduced by Kaira Jewel Lingo, ten Black dharma teachers dive deep into the paramis, the ten qualities of enlightened beings.

Open Heart, Wise Heart: The Life & Teachings of Ruth King

Mindfulness allowed renowned Buddhist teacher Ruth King to heal from trauma. Now she helps others find their own healing. A profile by Toni Pressley-Sanon.

Woman walking through mountain trails.

Step Into Awareness with Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is not just an opportunity to stretch our legs, says Koun Franz. It’s a practice in living all of life as meditation.

Lion’s Roar March 2024 Book Reviews

You don’t have to be perfect to create positive change. Jessica Little reviews eight inspiring new books.

Watercolor illustrations of a parent and child playing with a kite while a butterfly flies above

How to Talk to Kids About Death

When a loved one dies, grown-ups don’t always know what to say to kids. Gail Silver has helpful tips based on Buddhist teachings.

How to Apologize When You Say the Wrong Thing

René Rivera on how to have empathy for the person you’ve hurt—and yourself.

I’m the Aunty Now!

For Mihiri Tillakaratne, “aunty” is a verb. It’s what she does to support and shape her community.

James Lynch: Descendant of the Strongest of the Strong 

James Lynch on why he practices not just for himself, but also for his ancestors and all beings.

Chanting for Buddhahood

Shodaigyo meditation combines silent sitting with chanting to the beat of a drum. Ryuei Michael McCormick on how to do this calming yet exhilarating practice.

Anything Can Be Practice

Associate Editor Noel Alumit introduces the March 2024 issue.

The Taste of Longing 

Do you painfully flip-flop between indulging and resisting your cravings? Lisa Ernst on how to find freedom.

New Frontiers in Contemplative Science

A new generation of scientists is studying the effects of spiritual practice on body and mind. Barry Boyce reports on what they’re learning.

The Four Givings

Buddhism’s four immeasurables aren’t just states of mind we can achieve, says Venerable Hui Cheng. They’re gifts we can give to others.

Mind or Brain?

Andy Karr on the nature of consciousness—and what it means for scientists and spiritual seekers.

Silent Illumination: The Method of No-Method

The practice is to be fully here, with this body and mind, in this space. Rebecca Li on silent illumination.

Chenrezig: The Embodiment of Compassion

When you view yourself as the bodhisattva Chenrezig, you experience your true nature. Lama Döndrup Drölma offers step-by-step instructions for Chenrezig practice.

True Love

Sexual energy can be destructive, says Shantum Seth. But nurtured within love, mindfulness, and insight, it can flower into a sacred union.

The Wisdom of Desire

Desire in the form of attachment is a cause of suffering, says Judy Lief. But if we can take the ego out of desire, we uncover its joyful, sacred wisdom.