True Love

Sexual energy can be destructive, says Shantum Seth. But nurtured within love, mindfulness, and insight, it can flower into a sacred union.

The Wisdom of Desire

Desire in the form of attachment is a cause of suffering, says Judy Lief. But if we can take the ego out of desire, we uncover its joyful, sacred wisdom.

Six Buddhist Sutras You Should Know

Sutras are ancient texts that are still deeply meaningful today. Six dharma teachers each unpack a beloved sutra.

What Do You Really Want?

Take time to discover your deepest desires, says Brother Phap Linh. By shining the light of mindfulness on your volition, you’ll find more freedom.

Lion’s Roar January 2024 Book Reviews

How do we embrace life with equanimity and skillful means? Jessica Little recommends new books that are helping to show the way.

La Milpa

Corn and community, sun and squash—everything and everyone is connected. Ronit Jinich on our relationship with the other.

What role does the Dalai Lama play in Buddhism?

I’m confused about the Dalai Lama’s role. A lot of people think he’s like the Pope, i.e., the world leader of Buddhism. Is that true?