David Viafora

David Viafora, a former monk in the Plum Village tradition, was introduced to Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings as a poor college student, when someone gave him free tickets to a public lecture. He spent a year visiting and studying sanghas around the world — the result is his forthcoming book, Conscious Communities: The Transformative Power of Sangha, available in 2023. He now lives at MorningSun Community in New Hampshire.

Recent Articles

La amistad espiritual es el camino

Cada uno de nosotros, dice David Viafora, puede ser un kalyana mitra, o “amigo espiritual”. Aquí nos dice cómo.

Spiritual Friendship Is the Path

Each one of us, says David Viafora, can be a kalyana mitra, or “spiritual friend.” Here’s how.