Lindsay Kyte

Lindsay Kyte

Lindsay Kyte works as a freelance journalist, playwright, and performer.

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3 Buddhist-Inspired Universities

What’s it like to study at a Buddhist or Buddhist-inspired university in America? Lindsay Kyte on University of the West, Naropa University, and the Institute of Buddhist Studies.

Meet Four Inspiring Buddhist Women of Wisdom

These four women Buddhist teachers are shaping Buddhism in America. Meet Doshin Mako Voelkel, Bonnie Duran, Lama Tsomo, and Myokei Caine-Barrett, Shonin.

Healing the Scars of History

Retreats are being held at Auschwitz, a former plantation, and a site where Indigenous people were massacred. Lindsay Kyte reports on how retreatants are finding freedom from their ancestral pain.

Rhonda Magee: The Dharma of Racial Justice

Lindsay Kyte profiles law professor Rhonda Magee, who teaches mindfulness and other contemplative practices to help us do the inner and outer work of creating racial justice.

The Life of Thich Nhat Hanh

Lindsay Kyte tells the story of what is perhaps Thich Nhat Hanh’s greatest teaching — his courageous life.

The Fierce Love of Eve Ensler

As creator of The "Vagina Monologues," Eve Ensler changed the way the world regards women’s bodies. Lindsay Kyte tells her story.

It Takes a Village Zendo: Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara’s Search for Connection

A lifelong outsider, Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara leads a warm and engaged Zen community in New York’s Greenwich Village. Lindsay Kyte profiles one of Buddhism’s leading teachers.

When All Our Voices Are Heard

In the opening editorial of the May 2019 issue of Lion’s Roar, associate editor Lindsay Kyte reflects on the importance of having a variety of unique voices in Buddhist discourse.

The Dharma of Online Dating

In our March 2019 issue, Lindsay Kyte explored the dharma of dating as she followed her friend Alicia navigating the wacky world of online dating. Now, in part two, we continue to follow the journey as Alicia navigates meeting her matches face-to-face.

A Buddhist Teacher’s Advice for Online Dating

Buddhist teacher Susan Piver shares her advice for entering the online dating world.

Right Swiping

Lindsay Kyte explores the dharma of dating as she follows a friend navigating the wacky world of online dating, and shares helpful guidance from two Buddhist relationship experts.

Why Is Rebecca Solnit Hopeful?

Writer and activist Rebecca Solnit tells the truth about misogyny, injustice, and environmental destruction, along with the hope found in uncertainty.

This Land is Pure Land: The Buddhist Churches of America

Lindsay Kyte traces the history of the Buddhist Churches of America — and the Japanese immigrant experience in America — through four generations of one family.

Where Everyone Can Thrive

Lindsay Kyte explores East Bay Meditation Center’s focus on respect, safety, and the joy of being seen for who you are.

Review: “The Day The Buddha Woke Up”

We review "The Day The Buddha Woke Up," by Andrea Miller. From the July 2018 issue of Lion's Roar magazine.

How Will You Die?

Buddhist wisdom for people who are dying — and those who love them.

“Facing Death Is a Device for Tenderizing Hearts”

Twenty-two years ago, Pascal Auclair had to come to terms with his own mortality. Now, as a Buddhist meditation teacher, he’s helping others do it.

Thupten Jinpa, Voice for Compassion

Thupten Jinpa is best known as the Dalai Lama’s translator, but he has many roles. Driving them all, is his mission to help us all be more compassionate.

Amy Black (Photo by Kimberly Frost.)

The Power of a Two-Inch Circle

With a little pink ink, tattoo artist Amy Black helps breast cancer survivors reclaim their bodies.

Sharon Salzberg, Lion's Roar, Buddhism

How Sharon Salzberg Found Real Happiness

Lindsay Kyte talks to Sharon Salzberg about how she became one of today’s most relatable Buddhist teachers.

Book covers

Book Reviews for September 2016

We review Orgyen Chowang's "Our Pristine Mind," Shinzen Young's "The Science of Enlightenment," a Zen poetry book, and more.

Cover of Dream Yoga by Andrew Holocek.

Getting started with “Dream Yoga”

Lindsay Kyte reviews the new book by Andrew Holecek. Plus: Holecek's own explanation of dream yoga, and how to do it.

Book Reviews for July 2016

We review Mark Gerzon's "The Reunited States of America," Dzogchen Ponlop's "Emotional Rescue," a Buddhist baby book, and more.