Buddhadharma Winter 2023

The Treasure of the Teacher

“You do the practice, you realize the way,” writes Norman Fischer. “And yet you must begin by finding a teacher you can have faith in.”

Always a Student

Three dharma teachers on what they continue to learn from their current teachers.

Ever Present

Five dharma teachers recall formative teachers of their own who have passed away, but in their ways, remain.

Buddhadharma on Books: Winter 2023

Constance Kassor reviews “Notebooks of a Wandering Monk” by Matthieu Ricard, “Illumination” by Rebecca Li, “The Buddhist Tantras” by David B. Gray, and more.

How should I approach Buddhist chanting?

Chris Jay, Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, and Ayya Medhānandī take a closer look at chanting in Buddhist practice.

Swayambhunath Stupa

The Means to Awakening

Samuel Grimes on Newar Buddhism and its guru–student dynamic.

Samaya as Symbiotic Relationship

Damchö Diana Finnegan on the guru–disciple bond in Vajrayana Buddhism, and how to navigate it in healthful, beneficial ways.

A Rich Tapestry

Vincent Fakhoury Horn on a special, crowdfunded project in appreciation of dharma teachers.

Relationship As Teacher

Lama Karma Yeshe Chödrön and Lama Karma Zopa Jigme share the value in engaging everything as your teacher, including your relationships.

A Meeting of Minds

Anne C. Klein on the importance of listening, relating, and actively engaging with our teachers as the foundation for a genuine, transformative connection with them.

What I Wish I’d Known When I Met My First Spiritual Teacher

Scott Edelstein, author of “The User’s Guide to Spiritual Teachers,” shares 19 points to consider when beginning to engage with a teacher on the dharma path.

Photo by Murielle Michetti Baumgartner.

Sexual Ethics and Healthy Boundaries in the Wake of Teacher Abuse

Scholars Ann Gleig and Amy Langenberg look at how Buddhist sanghas have responded and evolved in response to the ethical breaches of the past few decades.

“When You Are Ready…”

Willa Blythe Baker on the many forms in which our teachers might manifest.