City life offers many opportunities to practice kindness.

Practicing Kindness in the Inner City

City life offers many opportunities to practice kindness. Dzigar Kongtrül Rinpoche on how urban living can open our hearts.

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Metta (Loving-Kindness) Meditation for Kids

You’re never too young to practice loving-kindness. Gail Silver on how to teach metta to your kids.

Watch the trailer for a new documentary on the late comedian and Buddhist Mike DeStefano

Mike DeStefano's memory is to get a much-deserved bump, thanks to the pending release of a documentary about him.


Three Means to Peace: Mindfulness, Compassion, and Wisdom

Joseph Goldstein on how three principles of meditation can be applied to the world's conflicts.

Pema Chodron.

Transforming the Heart of Suffering

In order to have compassion for others, we have to have compassion for ourselves.


Can you measure compassion?

In a new paper, researchers have proposed a scale for measuring the Buddhist virtues of loving-kindness and compassion.

We Are All Wayfarers

It's very easy to get annoyed, says Syvlia Boorstein. "Particularly with our loved ones."

Sylvia Boorstein Reads the Buddha’s Teachings on Loving-kindness

Recorded at 2017 Lion's Roar Annual Retreat, "Boundless Love."

Tonglen. Thangka of Avalokiteshvara.

Tonglen: Bad In, Good Out

A teaching on Tonglen practice by Pema Chödrön, and how it begins by taking in our own suffering before we can help others.

A Meditation for Working with Post-Charlottesville Stress

Mushim Patricia Ikeda gives instruction in Metta meditation, which can help us foster feelings of loving-kindness, or good will.

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Good Heart

A good heart is the source of all happiness, says His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and we can all be good-hearted with some effort. But better still, he says, is to have bodhichitta—a good heart imbued with wisdom.

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Developing the Mind of Great Capacity

A teaching on practices to generate bodhichitta by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Start With a Flower: Alice Walker & Sharon Salzberg in Conversation

A conversation about loving-kindness between Sharon Salzberg and Alice Walker.

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Loving the Many Sides of You

Susan Piver shares her practice for loving all of your imperfections and contradictions.

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In With the Bad Air, Out With the Good

Gehlek Rinpoche on the practice of tonglen, the way to awaken bodhimind by doing exactly the opposite of what your ego wants.

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A Meditation for Extending Loving-kindness

Charles Suhor guides you through a “Connectedness Meditation.”

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The Practice of Being Love

Awash in the pain of betrayal and a failed marriage, Laura Munson practices Pema Chödrön’s teachings on loving-kindness. It’s hard but it helps.

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Kindness to Ourselves and Others

Suffering is more than the first noble truth of Buddhism. To see our own and others' suffering is the first step on the path, the birthplace of compassion. Judy Lief offers guidance on the journey.

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Sharon Salzberg and Susan Piver teach a columnist how to do loving-kindness meditation for Donald Trump

It's a question that's on many minds these days: what's with Donald Trump?

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Practicing Loving-Kindness in the Face of Danger

When “Luis” came in, something about his movements put everyone in my classroom on high alert.