When to Say Goodbye

Leaving a relationship may seem like an escape or failure, but Trudy Goodman says it can be the best choice for everyone.

Four Meditations to Practice in the Wake of a Tragedy

Diana Winston teaches a step-by-step meditation to practice in times of tragedy.

Alone Together

How do we take the sting out of loneliness? Toni Bernhard suggests friendliness, compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity.

Illustration of a woman picking fruit in the grocery store.

Who Is Invisible to You?

Lisa Ernst asks us to notice who we don’t notice.

Meet Bad Habits with Loving-Kindness

Sylvia Boorstein unpacks the foundational Buddhist teaching “Recognize unwholesome states in the mind and replace them with wholesome states.”

Helping Others – and Yourself – through Tonglen Meditation

Make your vow to help others real with this meditation teaching from Pema Chödrön.

4 Better Ways to Relate to Money

When was the last time you had a positive attitude toward money? For millions of Americans, financial troubles are real and difficult. Particularly in this time of pandemic and economic contraction, many people are struggling with job loss, reduced income, fear of eviction, loss of business, and health care worries. For them, money is a…

Let Your Heart Break

Kimberly Brown offers a practice for when the weight of the world leaves you angry and overwhelmed.

Loving-Kindness for Yourself and Others

Kathleen McDonald teaches Loving-kindness, or Metta, the practice of wishing ourselves and others to be happy.

Be Kind to Yourself

You have enlightened nature, says Pema Khandro Rinpoche. If you truly know that, you’ll always be kind to yourself.

No Big Deal: On Metta & Forgiveness

When I first learned about loving-kindness or Metta practice, I thought it was a little weird.

A Mom’s Perspective on Metta

Here's the latest piece from The Under 35 Project, by Subha Srinivasan, about finding her identity as a mother.

To Love Abundantly: Sharon Salzberg’s Journey on the Path

How Sharon Salzberg found loving-kindness in the darkest of times. By Trish Deitch Rohrer.

After the Honeymoon

Falling in love is easy, but staying in love takes work. Thich Nhat Hanh offers advice for cultivating a relationship that’s loving and strong.

Reversing Ego’s Logic

Pema Chödron gives a teaching on Tonglen and Lojong.

To Know Yourself is to Forget Yourself

We might think that knowing ourselves is an ego-centered thing, but by looking at ourselves, we begin to dissolve the walls that separate us from others.

How Maitri Opens Your Heart

Maitri means loving-kindness or unconditional friendliness. David Nichtern and Cyndi Lee show you how to do this heart-opening Buddhist practice.

Tomi um illustration of metta

How to Practice Loving-Kindness

Joanna Hardy teaches us the famed Buddhist practice of metta – offering love to ourselves and others.

buddhist chef

The Buddhist Chef will show you how to make mouth-watering, compassionate food

Andrea Miller interviews vegan chef Jean-Philippe Cyr, also known as The Buddhist Chef, about cultivating compassion for everyone — including animals. 

Metta for Refugees

Zen priest Liên Shutt teaches a short meditation to foster compassion for beings in search of refuge.