Deep Dive into Karma

Deep Dive into Karma

The Dalai Lama has said that karma is the most difficult Buddhist concept to understand. In every moment, we can choose the seeds we plant for our future happiness. Here, teachers such as Ajahn Buddhadhasa, Toni Bernhard, and Judy Lief introduce you to the concept of karma.


What Is Karma and Why Should it Matter to You?

Karma is essential to Buddhist psychology, says Toni Bernhard, because karma molds our character.

The Right View of Rebirth

Ajahn Punnadhammo discusses the necessity of holding the right view of rebirth for Buddhist practice.

Panel: What Does Karma Mean in Buddhism?

Bhikkhu Bodhi, Jan Chozen Bays, and Jeffrey Hopkins discuss the Buddhist doctrine of karma and why it is essential.

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Karma Is Not Fate

You can't deny your karmic inheritance, said the late Traleg Rinpoche, but that doesn't mean you can't change.

Karma: The Choice Is Yours

There are two ways to understand dependent origination, teaches Ajahn Buddhadasa. But only one leads to liberation.

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Is It All My Karma?

When something bad happens to you, it isn’t necessarily the result of your own actions. Judy Lief offers a nuanced understanding of karma.

The Power of Positive Karma

Rebirth and karma are the Buddhist beliefs that Westerners find hardest to accept. Yet are they really so foreign to us?