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Buddhist monk and teacher Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo is seen in meditation

How Right Action and Right Livelihood Work Together

Forest Tradition teacher Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo (1907–1961) defines right action—how it manifests, within and without us, and informs our aspiration to engage in right livelihood. Introduced and translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Excerpt: The Jhanas, by Shaila Catherine

Read a brief of The Jhānas: A Practical Guide to Deep Meditative States by Shaila Catherine, and an exclusive excerpt courtesy of its publisher, Wisdom Publications.

A woman stands at the threshold of an illuminated doorway

How Ethical Conduct Leads Buddhists to Wisdom

How might our minds find peace, and even liberation? It starts, said the Buddha, with what we do (or don’t do). Bradley Donaldson explains.

Insight Meditation: Present, Open & Aware

Emily Horn on how to discover the peace and awakening in every moment.

The Mind That Knows Itself

Until we begin to make the distinction between observing thoughts and observing the knowing mind, writes Ayya Dhammapida, "we have not yet begun to study or to experience the mind directly."

Full-Stop Mind

The late Burmese teacher Mahasi Sayadaw helped to revitalize the Vipassana tradition with his precise teachings on meditation. His student Bhante Bodhidhamma presents Mahasi’s simple and direct method for slowing down and ultimately halting conceptual thinking.

Free from the Burden of Holding On

What do you cling to? Let it go, says Ajahn Jayasaro, and you’ll discover something profound.

Breaking Life Down to Its Parts

The path to liberation, says Vipassana master U Pandita, is the precise breaking down of life as it unfolds – part by part, step by step, moment by moment.