Zen & Chan

Excerpt: The Blue-Cliff Record, translated by David Hinton

Read a brief of The Blue-Cliff Record by David Hinton, and an exclusive excerpt courtesy of its publisher, Shambhala Publications.

Man in Zen robes with hands in gassho

Ethics, Meditation, and Wisdom 

Norman Fischer on how <em>sila</em>, <em>samadhi</em>, and <em>prajna</em> work together to give us stability on the Buddhist path to liberation.

A meditator sits in practice at Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi death camp in Poland

How the Three Tenets Help Us Live Wisely

Roshi Joan Halifax reflects on the guiding principles of the Zen Peacemaker Order, and why we all might benefit from putting them to the test.

Only Don’t Know

Whatever answers you think you have, says Judy Roitman, you don’t—and in that not knowing, we find the heart of Buddhist practice.

The Heart of Chan Buddhism

Chan Buddhism is a painstaking practice of learning nothing, says Gilbert Gutierrez. You can’t become enlightened — you can only embody it.

Zen in Vietnam: The Making of a Tradition

A century ago, Buddhists in Vietnam—and in much of Asia—started rewriting their traditions, and in some cases even their history. Alec Soucy explains how what we think we know of Vietnamese Buddhism points to a much more complex reality.

There Is No Teacher of Zen

It’s a paradox, says Hokuto Daniel Diffin. No one can teach you Zen, but you need a teacher to understand that.

Buddhism’s “Five Remembrances” Are Wake-Up Calls for Us All

Perfectly clear, compassionate, and concise, the "Five Remembrances" are Buddhism at its very best. Koun Franz explains.

The Bodhisattva Attitude

We all have an attitude, says Zen teacher Norman Fischer, our own way of approaching life. You can start to take a bodhisattva’s attitude toward life by practicing generosity and appreciation.

No Teacher of Zen

In Zen, wisdom comes from personal experience. Everyone is a student – even the teachers.

Sekkei Harada Roshi Zazen Zen skandhas Buddhadharma

The Key to Zen

Zen teachings by Sekkei Harada Roshi

Illustration of Dogen.

Just Wholeheartedly Sit

A translation of Dogen’s Bendowa fascicle, from Kazuaki Tanahashi’s Treasury of the True Dharma Eye.

Being in Real Time

The late Dainin Katagiri Roshi explores Dogen’s concept of Being-Time and how to work with it our daily lives.