Lion's Roar

Meditation: Appreciating Others

A meditation for fostering compassion, from Thupten Jinpa. As you contemplate the various ways in which you are the beneficiary of contributions from so many people, including countless strangers, acknowledge [...]

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Find your fascination

"Every moment of life conceals wonders and miracles if we allow our attention to settle below the superficial." Photo by Kama Geuzalova My cat finds subtle rustlings in the baseboards fascinating—perhaps a mouse to [...]

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How to practice walking meditation

Illustrations by Tomi Um. Leslie Booker offers step-by-step instruction. In the four foundations of mindfulness, as laid out in the famed Satiphatthana Sutta, the Buddha offers four postures for practicing [...]

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Learn the “BASICS” of Insight Meditation

The term “insight meditation” comes from the Pali word Vipassana. It is the ability to see clearly and deeply into what is unfolding in our lives. Insight practice reveals what has created our present conditions [...]

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How to Practice Zazen

Jules Shuzen Harris teaches the meditation practice at the heart of Zen Buddhism, from the "How to Practice" section of the Shambhala Sun. There are many forms of meditation that offer you the opportunity to [...]