Maezumi Roshi.

What Are We Ignoring About Breathing?

Like each breath, your life constantly appears and disappears. The late Taizan Maezumi Roshi teaches how to do the profound practice of breathing. The Dharma of Breathing My dear dragons and elephants, do you [...]

The Dalai Lama Basic Goodness Teaching Lion's Roar Buddhism

Basically Good

His Holiness the Dalai Lama on good heart, awakened mind, the causes of happiness and other basic principles of Buddhism. I believe that all human beings are of the same nature. At the mental and emotional levels [...]

A woman sits on a towel over the San Francisco Bay.

What is dream yoga and how do you do it?

Buddhist practitioners have understood for centuries that the illusions we encounter in dreams are the same ones we encounter in waking life. Andrew Holecek shows us how to harness the Vajrayana techniques of dream [...]

Clouds and sky.

Develop A Mind Like Sky

Meditation teacher Jack Kornfield explains the why and how of developing wise attention, or open awareness. Meditation comes alive through a growing capacity to release our habitual entanglement in the stories and [...]

A person walking alone on a path.

Taking Refuge in the Triple Gem

A personal meditation practice is the foundation of Buddhism, but do we need more? Essentially we make the journey alone, but many people find that committing themselves to the three jewels—Buddha, dharma, and [...]