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What Is Dream Yoga and How Do You Do It?

If you indulge your fantasies, lucid dreaming becomes super-samsara. If you go deeper, lucid dreaming can develop into dream yoga—spiritual practice.

Andrew Holecek

Guided Buddhist practices

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In Defense of Ritual

Richard Payne takes a serious look at the role of ritual in Buddhist practice and the reasons why Westerners might feel resistant to it.

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Concentrating on the Work at Hand

In this excerpt from The Gift of Work (originally published as Skillful Means), the prolific Nyingma teacher Tarthang Tulku shares a plain-language exercise for concentration, as developed over his five decades interacting with Americans from various business backgrounds.

Resting In Luminosity

Lama Karma Wall on how the practice of clear light (osel) yoga can help us recognize the luminous nature of our mind free from dualistic conceptualization.

Awakening Through Dream

What role do dreams have in our path to liberation? Charlie Morley on the history and benefits of the fourth of Naropa’s Dharmas, milam, or yoga of the dream state. Includes a short dream yoga practice for you to try tonight.

The Practice of Fierce Inner Heat

Judith Simmer-Brown on tummo, one of the most famous esoteric practices of Tibetan Vajrayana and the Six Dharmas. What is it, what are its benefits, and what role does it play in our journey to enlightenment?

Packed and Ready for Whatever’s Next

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche offers a fresh teaching on "phowa" practice and how navigating the various transitions in our lives, including the very small ones, lays a foundation for navigating the much bigger ones when they come.

How to Practice Sila Without Calculation

How do we practice ethical conduct, or sila, without falling into judgment, and without ignoring the complexity of each moment? According to Norman Fischer, the way has always been there.

59 Ways to Turn Your Mind Around

The way to bodhicitta, the mind of compassion, is marked by the fifty-nine lojong slogans. Gaylon Ferguson points us in the right direction.


Take Charge of Your Practice

Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche's advice for time management: organize your schedule, let go of distractions, and make a clear aspiration to practice.

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The Real Practice of Mindfulness

As mindfulness becomes an increasingly popular concept, it is often mistaken for just “being in the moment.” Andrew Olendzki examines the Abhidharma teachings to uncover what mindfulness practice really is and how it works.