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Thich Nhat Hanh on How to Heal Your Inner Child

Healing the pain of our wounded child within, says Thich Nhat Hanh, is key.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Online Festival Celebrates Women in Buddhism

BuddhaFest 2024 features 14 films, 9 new dharma talks, and musical performances. Join the online festival between July 15 and August 26, available online 24 hours a day for your convenience.


The Healing Power of Feeling

“The way to find freedom from difficult emotions is to find it right within the feelings themselves,” writes Andy Karr. Here, he shares a practice for locating and working with difficult feelings in the subtle body to ultimately heal them.

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How to Eat an Apple

Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr. Lilian Cheung on how the simple act of mindfully eating an apple can bring you many delights.

Meditation Is an Invitation to Well-Being

It’s so simple—sit down, pay attention, and open your heart to life—but it’s not so easy. Leading meditation teachers Jack Kornfield and Trudy Goodman answer your questions about mindfulness practice so you can accept its invitation to a more present and loving life.

The Power of Mindfulness

Diana Winston on how to use the tools of mindfulness to work with negative patterns like shame, guilt, and self-criticism that stand in the way of caring for and liking yourself.

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Take Three Conscious Breaths

Pema Chödrön teaches us a simple technique we can use anytime we need a break from our habitual patterns.




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Celebrating Buddhist Women on Film with Sharon A. Suh and Gaetano Kazuo Maida

Celebrating Buddhist Women on Film with Sharon A. Suh and Gaetano Kazuo Maida

In this conversation from BuddhaFest 2024, Gaetano Maida, executive director of the Buddhist Film Foundation, explores the intersection of film and Buddhism with Sharon Suh, president of the Sakyadhita International Association of Buddhist Women, and author of Silver Screen Buddha. Together, they discuss the importance of telling women’s stories through film, the profound contributions of female filmmakers, and their own experiences watching this year’s selected BuddhaFest films.

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Visualizing Compassion through Chenrezig Practice with Lama Karma Yeshe Chödrön

Mariana Restrepo speaks to Buddhist teacher and translator Lama Karma Yeshe Chödrön about visualization practice, a central aspect of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, followed by a guided Chenrezig visualization practice.

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