How Mindfulness Can Help Ease Anxiety

Buddhist teacher Judy Lief explains the Buddha’s deep analysis of the roots of anxiety and shows how mindfulness can help us ease the suffering of an anxious mind.

Judy Lief


5 Meditations on the Breath

From getting to sleep to completely waking up, working with your breath offers practical and profound benefits.

How Mindfulness Leads to Enlightenment

Melvin McLeod on how Buddhism uses mindfulness to develop the wisdom that frees us from suffering.

Man standing on cushion.

3 Mindful Movement Exercises

Thich Nhat Hanh offers three mindful movement exercises for well-being, "a wonderful way of connecting your mind and body in mindfulness."

How to Drink a Mindful Cup of Tea

A cup of tea or coffee is a nice break. Drinking it mindfully is a real break. Joseph Emet teaches us this five-step practice.

featured article

See the Universe In a Sunflower

In this teaching from the late Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, he explores how looking deeply at a sunflower can help us discover the reality of interbeing.




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