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The Myth of Multitasking

We have the illusion that multitasking makes us more efficient, but it only makes us unhappy, says Sharon Salzberg.

Lion's Roar

Don’t I Know You?

When we overlook the strangers among us, we miss the chance to connect to people as they are, free of the usual ways we judge them.

How Mindfulness Leads to Enlightenment

Melvin McLeod on how Buddhism uses mindfulness to develop the wisdom that frees us from suffering.

Why Mindfulness Isn’t Enough

Scholar Sarah Shaw explains why mindfulness must work together with ethics, compassion, and wisdom — in Buddhism and in life.

How to Tame the Wanting Mind

You’re hungry, but what are you really hungry for? Sasha Loring on opening your heart, offering your attachments, and being mindful.

To Love Abundantly: Sharon Salzberg’s Journey on the Path

How Sharon Salzberg found loving-kindness in the darkest of times. By Trish Deitch Rohrer.

Halloween Hatha

From “The Pentacle” to Corpse Pose, yoga teacher Cyndi Lee invites you to open up and watch the movie of your mind.

Waking Up in Dark Times

In order to shed light on the realities of climate change, says Ajahn Sucitto, first we should get more comfortable with the darkness.

The Joy of Self-Caring

We’ve been sold on the idea that self-care means chocolates and bubble baths, but Cyndi Lee says real self-caring is a practice, not a treat.

How to Be an Ecosattva

How do bodhisattvas respond to the greatest crisis of our time? Appropriately, says Buddhist teacher and activist David Loy.

Free “Dalai Lama Global Vision Summit” launches

Richard Gere, Karenna Gore, Robert Thurman, Sharon Salzberg, and Deepak Chopra headline this month’s Dalai Lama Global Vision Summit, a historic celebration of one of the great spiritual figures of our time.

The Joy of a Long Walk

Each Friday, we share three topical longreads in our Weekend Reader newsletter. This week, LionsRoar.com editor Sam Littlefair thinks about the practice of walking.